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Courses consist of a morning or afternoon session which begins with meeting your instructor whilst you sign in over a cup of tea or coffee.  Followed by an introduction to the vehicle and an explanation of the skills needed to safely negotiate off road obstacles.  Then it's your turn behind the wheel to negotiate the challenges of the off road course.  

All courses must be booked in advance. For more information click here


1 hours instruction in our vehicle: 1 driver

£80.00 per Person

2 hours instruction in our vehicle: 1 or 2 drivers


Instruction in own vehicle

£50.00 per hour

All Prices include VAT


Please note if using own vehicle you must have off road insurance cover.

Combined Courses

4x4 Voyager

Our 4x4 Voyager course is designed to give you the confidence and ability to plan and tackle your off road adventures.

With an emphasis on fun and adventure, throughout this one day course our instructors will introduce you to the practical wilderness skills required to survive, based around the four principles of survival- fire, food, shelter and water- with an emphasis on using your vehicle as your survival resource.

On this course you also benefit from one to one instruction with our Landrover trained instructor on off road driving techniques. Here you will get behind the wheel of one of our Landrover 110's on the purpose built 4x4 off road driving track.

The track incorporates ascents, descents, side slopes, water and ruts. With our expert instructors you will be guided through every aspect of manoeuvring, approach, engagement and extraction.

To ensure you come away from the course prepared for everything, we also cover navigation techniques, from map/compass/GPS to natural navigation!

Each of these sessions involve you getting practical, hands on experience, and by prior arrangement you may also train in your own vehicle.

Skills covered:

Fire- Sources of fire: car batteries, torch batteries, headlamp, potassium permanganate, tinder, kindling, building and establishing your fire

Food- Game preparation, traps and snares

Water- Sourcing, collecting, filtering and purifying your water

Shelter- Use of your vehicle, bashas, campsite location, camp craft, building your camp

Survival Plan- Priorities: Protection, Provisions, Position

Off Road Driving- Ascents, descents, sides slopes, water, ruts

Navigation- Introduction to map and compass, direction finding, pacing, relocation, distance, backbearings

Natural navigation, solar navigation, stars, moon, natural indicators, shadow stick

This course is set within the National Forest, on farmland with a purpose built 4x4 off road driving course.
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Course costs:
130 per person

The course begins at 10.00 and concludes at 18.00

This course can also be run on demand for organised groups at weekends or weekdays, please contact us for details.


22nd April 2017

24th June 2017

23rd September 2017





















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